Letter to All Members
Grateful for the Support over the Years
HKPTU Resolve to Dissolve

10 th August, 2021

Dear members:

Mr. Szeto Wah, the civilian educator, founded the Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, with a group of zealous teachers in 1973. In a small office of Man King Building at Ferry Street, HKPTU began to provide various services for teachers, taking up follow-up actions in matters of different magnitude for the protection of the teachers’ rights. It is only attributive to the great efforts by the Directors and all union members in the past years, as well as to the principles of running the union with diligence and frugality, HKPTU gradually grows and blooms, expanding the services in different districts of Mongkok, Causeway Bay and Tsuen Wan, rendering HKPTU a brand name so very well-known in Hong Kong.

Over the years close to half a century, HKPTU, together with its members, and all the people in Hong Kong, have witnessed numerous historical moments. However, it is deplorable that the social and political environment has undergone very radical changes and we are forced to ponder for the future, particularly when the pressure of the recent drastic development is so immense.

As the biggest union of a single trade in Hong Kong, HKPTU is vested with support by the majority of teachers and the legacy from members of HKPTU over the past decades, we have been attempting by all means to explore ways for the continuation of our services and operation. However, our endeavours yield no avail and soluble plans to settle risks can hardly be formulated. After much deliberation and thorough investigation, last night (9 th August) with the full support by the Senate, the Executive Committee unanimously resolved to dissolve HKPTU, and thus relevant procedure will be activated with immediate effect.

HKPTU will act in accordance with the stipulated regulations and relevant ordinance to make arrangements for dissolution. The objective is to implement the process in an orderly and reasonable manner, which will include summoning up for a special meeting of member representatives, safeguarding the rights to lay off our 200 staff members who have worked with much diligence and strong dedication, terminating our cooperative agreements with goods providers, and settling all items of financial affairs, as well as the selling of estates.

With immediate effect, HKPTU will stop the process of recruitment and renewal of membership, will refund to members who have just renewed their membership, will no longer comment on and participate in social affairs. The Rights and Complaint Department will no longer accept new cases and inquiries, and will expedite the process to settle the current cases. All the not-yet-starting courses and activities will be stopped and refunding will be arranged;all the on-going ones will be appropriately arranged to a full completion. HKPTU Service Co. Ltd will no longer accept new insurance applications and the existing policies will be still valid and members are advised to directly contact the relevant insurance companies for enquiries and reimbursements.

Our centres at Mongkok, Causeway Bay and Tsuen Wan will still be in operation on temporary basis until all stocks are sold out, and current contracts with good providers will be honoured. The centres will no longer accept new orders for electrical appliances and the accepted orders will be rightfully settled with our utmost effort. All HKPTU medical centres will soon terminate the provision of services, but the specific dates have to be negotiated with our cooperative partners, presumably not later than the end of this year.

HKPTU will keep strict confidentiality of all the information regarding our members and all the information will be duly destroyed when all operations finally come to a halt. For details of the operation of all services, please refer to: http://hkptu.org/dissolution.

The history of 48 years of HKPTU has come to the last chapter with a full-stop. Undeniably it is tragically deplorable, yet, looking back over the long years of development and struggles, we should have no regrets. We are fully aware that many members have deep and close relationship with the union, and it is indeed very saddening for the decision of dissolution by the Executive Committee, but we sincerely plead for your understanding and recognition. It is a no-choice, unwanted and difficult decision, yet it is the ultimate decision we have to make after much contemplation and reflection.

Finally, we have to be grateful to all members who have been supporting us and walking alongside us in the past years. We wish you all well and hope that everyone of you will stand firm in your positions to continue making contributive efforts in the educational profession.


Fung Wai Wah, the President
Poon Tin Chi, the General Secretary of the first Executive Committee and the Chairman of the Senate
All Members of the Executive Committee and Senate